Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MaxisIT realizes the growing important of content management across the enterprises. Many organizations today realize the importance of the content to provide them the edge in their competition. Organization are also a lot not only concerned about developing and managing a good content, but are also interested in security of the content. MaxisIT takes the entire concerns into account and comes up with its content management services for which it leverages on Documentum platform

MaxisIT has the capability to maintain content from various resources, various channels at one point generates a distinct competitive edge in the market. MaxisIT Documentum Solution practice was developed to meet any requirements growing from the industry levels. MaxisIT possess experts with a considerable area of expertise in content and document management, MaxisIT team also possess end to end experience in implementing content management solutions from set up, installation, configuration and administration.

MaxisIT Documentum Services include

  • Content Administration
  • Content Applications
  • Content Caching
  • Content Composer
  • Content Distribution Services
  • Content Intelligence Services
  • Content Storage Services
  • Content Delivery Services
  • Content Reporting Services

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